backpain_skeletonBack pain is the #1 reason for doctor visits in the United States. Of these patients, over 500,000 will have to undergo decompression surgery to correct their condition, making this surgical technique one of the most common operations performed in the entire field of medicine.

When discussing the possibility of surgery with your physician, it is important to understand the benefits of minimally invasive surgery as opposed to open surgery. With minimally invasive procedures, a highly-trained specialist makes small incisions and uses customized instruments to perform intricate procedures that would otherwise be done with large cuts and significant bone removal. These techniques drastically reduce pain, blood loss, surgical duration, and hasten recovery time for patients looking to relieve their symptoms and return to work quickly.

The Lumiere™ Retractor is an all-in-one surgical tool that surgeons use to perform minimally invasive operations with maximum control and flexibility to ensure the safety and efficacy of your procedure. Our retractor includes 180° of visibility and powerful built-in fiber optic lighting to facilitate the surgeon’s ability to access tough-to-reach places without increasing the incision size or compromising bone tissue. Patients that choose minimally invasive care over traditional care will be happy their surgeon used the Lumiere™ Retractor System.