Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is quickly becoming the standard for doctors looking to improve their quality of care by reducing muscle damage, blood loss, and surgical duration.

Working under MIS conditions can create challenges for surgeons, who find themselves operating through smaller openings and sharp angles to access vital anatomy. It is important for doctors to have state-of-the-art tools that allow enough flexibility to master these techniques.

The Lumiere™ Retractor is Orthozon Technologies’ answer to physicians seeking comfort, flexibility, and control when performing minimally invasive surgery. We’ve successfully combined all the important features of current retractor technologies into one slick and simple tool.The Lumiere™ offers:

  • Built-in fiber optic lighting at an optimized depth for illumination more powerful than the lighting supplied by common headlights and scopes.
  • Full medial access to allow paramedial exposure.
  • Expanded field of view by over 33%
  • Rotatable blades for full control
  • Minimal muscle creep

The Lumiere™ is sterile-packed and fully disposable, supplied with a fiber-optic light source.